Spectinomycin hydrochloride/sulfate
Product Name: Spectinomycin hydrochloride/sulfate
Appearance: white powder

Products Description:

Antibacterial Drugs

Functional Characters
1Lincomycin has great anti-bacteria activity on Gram positive bacteria, some anaerobian, treponema and mycoplasma; spectinomycin has great anti-bacteria activity on Gram negative bateria and mycoplasma. Combined use can improve the effeciency on killing and restraining bateria several times.
 2Significantly cure and prevent diarrhea, ileitis, enteritis caused by E-Coli, enteritis caused bysalmonella, Eaton agent pneumonia, swine plague etc bacterial disease of pig.
 3Significantly cure and prevent CRD, staphylocosis, colibacillosis, enteritis necroticans, streptococcicosis, and can ease infective bronchitis, Marek's disease, New castle disease and infectious bursal disease etc of poultry.
4 Effectively improve growth speed and feed conversion ratio of swine and poultry.
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