Product Name: Glucomannan
Appearance: White powder odorless

Products Description:

 Health Benefits of Konjac Glucomannan:

Loss Weight: Does not produce heat, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, suppress appetite and feel satiety

Maintain normal blood sugar levels, prevent and improve diabetes

Maintain normal blood lipid and blood pressure

Dissolved in the blood cholesterol levels

Improve constipation

Eliminating toxin, beautifying skin

Applications of Konjac Glucomannan:

Food: Organic konjac powder widely used as emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer, coagulant, SC, fillers, quality improvers and other food additives.

Medicine: Organic konjac powder widely used in medicine filed.

Chemical: Organic konjac powder widely used in adhesives, textile auxiliaries, plastic joint fluid, natural preservatives, such as coagulant.

Cosmetics: Organic konjac powder for skin care cream, wash mask, mask, mousse, toothpaste.

Textile printing and dyeing: Organic konjac powder into a paste using the high rate of konjac with rheology, hold water and so on.

Paper: Organic konjac powder has the good characteristics of adhesion, water absorption, whitening etc.

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