Poliporus powder
Product Name: Poliporus powder
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder

Products Description:

 Main Function:

1. poria cocos extract can Anti-cancer, owning the strong suppression to transplantable cancer of growth retardation;

2. poria cocos extract can Anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, it will ease the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, cure hronic hepatitis and delay aging;

3. Poria cocos polysaccharide can enhance the cytotoxicity of T lymphocyte, that is to say, it will strengthen cellular immune response.



1. Applied in health product field, as raw material to produce various kinds of health products, such as poria cocos polysaccharide capsule, tablet, electuary and so on;

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, oral pachymaran is a kind of common medicine to treat tumour.

3. Applied in cosmetic field, as raw material to added into cosmetic, which can delay skin aging.

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