Organic Coriolus versicolor powder
Product Name: Organic Coriolus versicolor powder
Appearance: Light yellow to brown yellow powder

Products Description:

Maitake polysaccharides have the function of anti-cancer, anti-hypertension, depress blood sugar, anti-fat, anti-hepatitis, according to some America professional hospital prove, during chemotherapy, use maitake polysaccharides to restrain cancer cell will be better than only use chemotherapy. Japanese professor use maitake polysaccharides to anti cancer, the experiment prove than maitake can restrain 86.5%, 32% higher than shiitake polysaccharides.

Main Functions:
1. Decrease insulin resist, buildup insulin sensitivity of human body, good to restrain blood sugar
2. Restrain fat cell accumulation.
3. Depress blood pressure.
4. Buildup immunity. It can be used for health care, functionality food supplement.
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