Doxycycline Hyclate
Product Name: Doxycycline Hyclate
Specification: 95%min
Appearance: Yellow Powder

Products Description:

 Developed Background

Doxycycline is widely used in the whole country,But as a result of its chemical structure instability,can with metal ions formed the clathrate in the animal drinking water easily.Affect the absorption, cause the part districts use effect is very poor, Doxycycline itself belongs to the blood concentration and time dependence of antibiotics, Its half-life is longer than the other, Therefore, under certain conditions as long as not being heavy metal ions complexation and can improve the blood drug concentration,This product can play a role of strong back bacteria. Our company research and development team according to the market situation has developed that not influenced by all kinds of water quality ,and produce high blood concentrations of efficient doxycycline. Has good curative effect and stability.



Two big patent technology


  • Use stable technology,let it not with metal ions complexation
  • Using small molecular techniques. promote blood concentration more higher.

Product feature

  • High stability,Not with heavy metal ions complexation.curative effect stable.
  • Good effect and Blood concentrations increased by 1.76 times than common preparations.
  • Blood concentration can maintain a long time,a single administration, Effective blood concentration can be up to 24 hours.
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