Organic Cassia Seed Extract
Product Name: Organic Cassia Seed Extract
Specification: 4:1~20:1
Appearance: Light Yellow Brown Powder

Products Description:

Product Description:

 The Cassia seed extract as raw material, washing, drying, cans, 6 cubic meters of the extraction tank can charge 1-1.5 tons, 10 times the amount of 70% ethanol, refluxing and extracting for three times, 2 hours each time, and extract, ethanol recovery to no alcohol, to evaporation water to d= 1.15 of the extract. The spray drying tower for spray drying to obtain Semen Cassiae extract powder, crushing, 100 mesh sieve, mixing, packing have.


1. the alcohol cassia seed extract have inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus, diphtheria, typhus, paratyphoid and Escherichia coli.

2.1:20 of Microsporum audouinii, 1:10 of Xu LAN grubyella and Microsporum gypseum were inhibited.

3. water cassia seed extract and ethanol cassia seed extract have the effect of lowering blood pressure.

4. cassia seed extract can reduce the plasma cholesterol and triglycerides, and reduce the content of triglycerides in the liver.

5. cassia seed extract can make macrophages phagocytic percentage of chicken red cells and phagocytic index, and the level of lysozyme increased significantly.

6. methanol cassia seed extract has significant liver protection effect.

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