Organic Cascara Powder
Product Name: Organic Cascara Powder
Specification: 8%,20%,4:1,10:1
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

Products Description:

Product Description:

A mild laxative action is also induced by the made from the flowers of the cascara sagrada plant. A similar laxative action is also displayed by two related European species of the Cascara, the R. frangula species - the plant and the R.cathartica species - or the , the cascara sagrada is generally preferred to these two plants as it possesses a milder laxative action and is believed to be much safer to use with patients.

Early plant chemists identified the active laxative constituents in cascara sagrada bark: anthraquinone derivatives. These compounds stimulate peristalsis, the vigorous wavelike contractions of the large intestine that keep food moving through the digestive system. When cascara speeds the process up, the body produces a softer, quicker bowel movement because the intestine has had less chance to absorb the liquid from the stool. Several studies have shown that cascara sagrada is effective in easing chronic constipation in elderly people.

Cascara sagrada is quite bitter to the taste and if it's used in a liquid form (as a tea or liquid extract in water),taking cascara sagrada will require a sweetener. For this reason, some people simply prefer using cascara sagrada in tablet or capsule form.


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