Krill Oil Softgel
Product Name: Krill Oil Softgel
Specification: Total Phospholipids 40%-50%, EPA 10%-12%, DHA 5%-7%, Astaxanthin 150ppm-200ppm. Customization accepted.

Products Description:


 Promotes cardiovascular health

 Reduces inflammation and prevents arthritis

 Enhances neurological development in newborns

 Eases PMS symptoms

 Has anti-depressive effects

 Improves gastric health



 1.To reduce blood fat, cholesterol, prevent cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis

 2.To reduce the blood viscosity, promote the blood circulation, prevent high blood pressure

 3.To improve brain puzzle, active thinking and prevent alzheimer's disease.

 4.To protect the nerve cell membrane, strengthen the attention and memory, understanding

 5.Fatigue resistance, positive emotional support

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