Organic Almond (protein/powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Almond (protein/powder/extract)
Specification: 10%~98%(HPLC)
Appearance: Light Yellow Color

Products Description:

1) The bitter apricot kernels can relieve a cough, relax bowel,
cure for tuberculosis, sough, lung disease and so on.
2) Sweet almond and fruit big almond that we eat daily leans to moist,
have certain fill lung function.
3) Almond also contains rich flavonoids and polyphenols composition,
this kind of composition can not only reduced human cholesterol,
still can significantly reduce heart disease and many chronic disease onset of danger.
4) Almond also have hairdressing effect, can promote skin microcirculation,
make the skin ruddy luster.
5) Almond has antitumor effect


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