Organic Hericium (powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Hericium (powder/extract)
Specification: 10:1 ,20:1
Appearance: Brown Powder

Products Description:

Function and Application:

1. Hericium erinaceus Extract/ Polysaccharides

In the old times Hericium erinaceus was regarded as the famous mountain treasure which just could be eaten by rich men. It is good for digest and can be used as invigorant. The effecting rate of healing on stomach and duodenum ulcer was 93%.
2. Main functions of Hericium erinaceus Extract

1.Hericium erinaceus can nourish organs, and can cure chronic gastricism, duodenum ulcer and other enteron diseases.

2.It also can improve people's immune system.
3.It contain unsaturated fatty acids which is propitious to the circulation of blood and can reduce blood cholesterin content, so Hericium erinaceus is also the ideal food
for those who are high blood pressure or with heart  or blood vessel disease. 

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