Organic Valerian root (powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Valerian root (powder/extract)
Specification: 0.3-0.8% 10:1
Appearance: brown fine powder

Products Description:

Main Functions:

1. With the function of improving blood circulation and pain relief, treating rheumatoid arthritis;

2. With the function of treating stomach and abdominal ache, post-natal ventilation and irritability in children;

3. With the function of expelling wind, promoting digestion, treating constipation and detoxification;

4. With the function of diuretic, stanching and relieving diarrhea.


1. As a diuretic, mild laxative and hemostatic agents, the are widely used in pharmaceutical field;

2. As active ingredients of products for improving blood circulation and pain relif promoting degestion, treating constipation and detoxification it is mainly used in health product industry.

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