Organic Oatgrass (powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Oatgrass (powder/extract)
Specification: 10:1(can be customized)
Appearance: Powder

Products Description:


There are known nutrients in this herb such as calcium, iron, phosphate, magnesium, potassium, zinc as well as Vitamins A, B1-B6 and E. Indeed, the nutrition is quite dense throughout tuber oatgrass , along with many phytochemicals.

The high content of B vitamins can also be said to play a role in why oat grass helps with both physical and mental fatigue as well. 
It has been used in many antidepressant formulas and another possible use for it would include a restorative nerve tonic. Indeed, when one is feeling nervous, oat grass can help to bring some resolve.

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