Organic Mulberry leaf (powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Mulberry leaf (powder/extract)
Specification: 1%,2%,10%,20%
Appearance: Brown powder

Products Description:

Folium Mori means the fresh or dry leaf of Morus alba L., with English name as Mulberry Leaf. There are 16 kinds of this plant all over the world, distributing in the North Temperate Zone, the Asian tropics, the African tropics and the American area. 11 kinds of them grow in China, distributing in most areas of the country, major in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and the southern areas for raising silkworms.

1.Inhibiting activities against virus and tumor metastasis;
2.Blood sugar lowering activities;
3.Free radical scavenging activities;
4.Immune adjustment activities;
5.Weight loss activities by prevent absorption of glucose.

A) Inhibiting activities against a-glycosidase 
B) Inhibiting activities against viruses 
C) Inhibiting activities against tumor metastasis 
D) Inhibiting activities against a-amylase 
E) Blood sugar lowering activities 
F) Free radical scavenging activities 
G) Immune adjustment activities 
H) Weight loss activities by preventing absorption
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