Organic Horsetail (powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Horsetail (powder/extract)
Specification: Silica acid 2%-7%  by HPLC
Appearance: Brown fine powder

Products Description:

Horsetail is very rich in silicic acid and silicates, which provide approximately 2-3% elemental silicon. Potassium, aluminum, and manganese along with fifteen different types of bioflavonoids are also found in the herb.


1.Applied in health product and pharmaceutical field
2.It has particular diuretic activity and hemostatic action;
3.It has the function of treating diabetes and Chronic bronchitis
4.Horsetail herb powder can be used as feed addtive
5.Horsetail powder can be used in heath product area
6.Can prevent osteoporosis, Helpful to Arthritis and atherosclerosis.
7.Stop the bleeding of wounds and promote rapid healing


1).Pharmaceutical  raw materials    
2).Health care products
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