Organic Heartleaf houttuynia herb (powder/extract)
Product Name: Organic Heartleaf houttuynia herb (powder/extract)
Specification: 4:1-20:1,  Straight Powder
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

Products Description:

Product Description:
Herbal Properties: Chengbian stems cylindrical, twisted, long 20 ~ 35cm, diameter of 0.2 ~ 0.3cm; surface brown, with several longitudinal ribs, festival obvious, there are remnants of fibrous roots on the lower section; brittle, easily broken. Leaves alternate, leaf roll off shrinkage, flattening after the heart-shaped, long 3 ~ 5cm, width 3 ~ 4.5cm; apex acuminate, entire; upper surface yellowish green to dark brown, lower surface gray-green or gray-brown; petiole slender, base and stipules connate sheath. Spikes terminal, yellowish brown. Grated fishy odor.
Houttuynia extract is dried Houttuynia extract as raw material, made of solvent extraction.


1.Cordate houttuynia Extract can improve immunity
2.Cordate houttuynia Extract can anti-bacterial
3.Cordate houttuynia Extract can anti-Viral
4.Cordate houttuynia Extract can as diuretic
5.Cordate houttuynia Extract can anti-radiation
6.Cordate houttuynia Extract can anti-tumor
7.Cordate houttuynia Extract can anti-inflammatory


1.Cordate houttuynia Extract applied in the pharmaceutical field.
2.Cordate houttuynia Extract applied in the veterinary field.

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