Beer Yeast Extract
Product Name: Beer Yeast Extract
Appearance: Yellow fine powder

Products Description:

  Yeast Extract is yellow-brown or yellowish powder, has yeast's unique delicate flavor and smell, also has strong hygroscopicity, riches in vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, folic acid, biotin ,etc.; it contains more than ten kinds of amino acids, so it is widely used as the flavoring agent in food industry, also widely used in the meat products, recreation food, frozen food, cure food, etc. aspects and it has been one of the indispensable additives for improving food quality and taste.


1. Yeast Extracts Powder not only widely used in the field of food seasonings, which can be applied to health foods and medicines. At present in the food industry, yeast extracts has been widely used in food additives, condiments, flavor, convenience foods, inflated food, meat, aquatic products, beverages and other aspects.
2. Yeast Extracts Paste the nutritional element it contains is the high quality nutrition source of microbial fermentation. As microbial culture medium, yeast extract paste is popular with biological fermentation enterprises.
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