Product Name: Chlorophyll
Specification: 15%, 95%
Appearance: Dark green powder

Products Description:

  Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K, which aids in the formation of the blood substance required for clotting of blood.
Spinach and alfalfa help stabilize blood sugar among diabetics. Make a drink by getting several handful of spinach, add 3 cups of water. Place over low heat for one hour. Then strain. Take ½ cup twice a day. Spinach and alfalfa may be served as part of the meal.

Main Function:
1. Chlorophyll powder clears up odors of putrefaction effectively.
2. Chlorophyll powder play an important role on prevention.
3. Chlorophyll powder has superior coloring strength and good stabilization in neutral and alkali solutions.
4. Chlorophyll powder has effect on liver protection, fastening healing of stomach ulcers and intestine ulcers.
5. Chlorophyll powder is the active ingredient in a number of internally-taken preparations intended to reduce odors associated with incontinence, colostomies and similar procedures, as well as body odor in general.
6. Chlorophyll powder has strong antibacterial action, which makes it useful in surgeries, ulcerative carcinoma, acute rhinitis and rhinosinusitis, chronic ear infections, inflammations, etc.

1. Applied in the Pharmaceutical field;
2. Applied in the food field;
3. Applied in the healthcare field. 
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