Alfalfa Extract
Product Name: Alfalfa Extract
Specification: Saponin 5%, 20%,40%; Flavones 5%, 20%,40%
Appearance: Brown powder
Package: 25kg/drum

Products Description:

What is Alfalfa Extract ?
Alfalfa works as a restorative tonis and helps to treat chronic and acute digestive weaknesses. It also aids in the assimilation of proteins, iron, calcium, and other trace minerals. It helps to build and revitalize the body. Various acute and chronic inflammatory symptoms associated with degenration and aging can be alleviated with Alfalfa.

What will Alfalfa Extract used for ?

1.Useful as a nutritive tonic;
2.Has anti-hemorrhagic and diuretic properties;
3.Promotes digestion and assimilation of vitamins, minerals;
4.Blocks the absorption of cholesterol and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaque;
5.Rich in detoxifying chlorophyll;
6.Increases stamina and strength;
7.High in phytoestrogens - stimulates hormone functions.


1.Pharmaceutical stuff;
2.Functional food and food additive;
3.Cosmetics additive;
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