Oregano Leaf Extract
Product Name: Oregano Leaf Extract
Specification: 10:1
Appearance: Yellow-brown fine powder
Package: 25kg/drum

Products Description:

What is Oregano Extract ?
The dried oregano leaf powder is most often used to add flavor to salad, and is usually added to the lemon-olive oil sauce that accompanies many fish or meat barbecues and some casseroles. Oregano is also used by chefs in the southern Philippines to eliminate the odor of carabao or cow meat when boiling it, while simultaneously imparting flavor.

What will Oregano Extract be used for?
1.An Effective Anti-Bacterial
  The volatile oils in this spice include thymol and carvacrol, both of which have been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria.A researcher in Mexico found oregano to be more effective against Giardia than the commonly used
prescription drug.
2.Potent Anti-Oxidant Activity
  Oregano contains numerous phytonutrients—including thymol and rosmarinic acid—that have also been
shown to function as potent antioxidants that can prevent oxygen-based damage to cell structures throughout the body.
3.Promote digestion 
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