White Mulberry Leaf Extract
Product Name: White Mulberry Leaf Extract
Specification: NLT0.90%1-DNJ
Appearance: Yellow green to brown powder
Package: 25kg/drum

Products Description:

  Mulberry leaf is a kind of health drinking which contains about 17 kinds of amimo acids, Vitamin C,B1,B2, as well as folic acid, Carotenoids, Ca, P, Fe, Mn, Na, etc. It is a health promoting beverage, especially suitable for the patients who suffering from astriction, diabetes, high blood pressure. This kind of tea is very popular in the market of Japan and Korea, partly because it is cultivated natural and processed under organic management.

1. Treat diabetes mellitus.
2. Reduce blood sugar.
3. Reduce blood pressure and blood fat.
4. Anti-bacteria and virus.
5. Enhancing immune function.
6. Whiten, dispel freckle, remove wrinkles, enhance skin flexibility and retard aging.
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