Aloe vera Extract
Product Name: Aloe vera Extract
Chemical Name: C21H22O9
Specification: 10%, 20%,50%,90%,98% by HPLC/UV 10:1 by TLC
Appearance: Brown yellow powder or light yellow powder
CAS No.: 1415-73-2
Package: 25kg/drum

Products Description:

1.Applied in food additives, it is used as nutritious supplementary pharmaceutical.
2.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is used to treating constipation and expelling of toxin and treating.
3.Applied in cosmetics field, it owns the effect of whitening, dispelling spot, anti-wrinkle, activating skin cells, making skin more tender and firm.
4.Relaxing the bowels, expelling of toxin.
5.Promoting wound healing, inculding burin.
6.Preventing cancer and anti-aging.
7.Whitening, keeping skin moistened and dispel sopt. 
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