Non-GMO Soya Lecithin
Product Name: Non-GMO Soya Lecithin
Chemical Name: C42H80NO8P
Appearance: Light yellow powder
CAS No.: 8002-43-5

Products Description:

   It is a form of human cell membrane, particularly important component of brain cells, its human cell growth, metabolism and regulate the physiological functions of organs heart and brain play an important role. It contains choline is an essential component nutrients, at the same time is a good natural emulsifier and fat metabolism in the body to purify the blood and body care has a unique effect.


1.GMO Free Soy Lecithin used to prevent and treat atherosclerosis.
2.Soy Lecithin will prevent or delay the occurrence of dementia.
3.Soy Lecithin can break down the body of toxins,owns the effective of white-skin.
4.Soy Lecithin with the function of reducing serum cholesterol levels, prevent cirrhosis, and contribute to the recovery of liver function.
5.Soy Lecithin will help to eliminate fatigue, intensify the brain cells, improving the result of nervous tension caused by impatience, irritability and insomnia.


Soy Lecithin is a good natural surfactant, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries. At the same time in the medical care also have significant value.
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