Fennel Seed Extract
Product Name: Fennel Seed Extract
Specification: 4:1, 10:1, 20:1 or other ratios
Appearance: Yellow-brown fine powder
Package: 25kg/drum

Products Description:

   Fennel seed extract may treat some of the symptoms of respiratory tract infections, and can be in herbal remedies for respiratory infections as well as some cough syrups. Fennel seed extract may help treat congestion by loosening up mucous membranes and reducing the buildup of mucus. It may also help treat bronchitis and reduce coughing, due to the presence of compounds that act as expectorants, such as cineole and anetol.


1.Fennel seed extract has also been used in the treatment of gout and tonsillitis.

2.Fennel seed extract as an appetite suppressant and to treat stomach problems.

3.Fennel seed extract is said to possess estrogenic properties and may have a positive effect on menopause and PMS.

4.Fennel seed extract also for treatment of abdominal pain, testicular side crash, dysmenorrhea, abdominal distention pain.

5.Fennel seed extract has been employed for the treatment of gastroenteritis and indigestion, to prevent gas, dissolve fat, and stimulate lactation.

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