Agaricus Blazei Murrill Extract
Product Name: Agaricus Blazei Murrill Extract
Specification: 40%Polysaccharides
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder
Package: 25kg/drum

Products Description:

Agaricus blazei Extract / Agaricus blazei polysaccharide

  Its fruit body tastes good and it is a kind of edible mushroom with high contents of protein and sugar. Every 100 grams of dried mushroom contains 40-45% crude protein, 38-45% sugar, 18.3% amino acids, 5-7% crude ash, 3-4% crude fat. Besides, it also contains vitamin B1, B2. The fruit body contains various active substances which can prevent and anti-tumor, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure etc. Agaricus blazei has the function to strengthen the body and been paid much more attention in Japan.

Main Function: 
1.Cancer prevention. The treatment of cancer (breast, ovary, skin, stomach, liver, prostate,
2.bowel, pancreatitis, leukemia, brain and tumor metastasis)
3.Weakened immunity, HIV infection
4.Reduce the side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy
5.Edema, Asthma, Gastritis, Diabetes and Bronchitis.
6.Autoimmune disease
7.Skin diseases
8.Hepatitis and enhance liver function
9.Hypertension, Angina, Migraine
10.Erectile dysfunction
11.Allergic reaction, chronic fatigue
12.Strengthen the immune system , prevent infection

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