Shilajit Extract
Product Name: Shilajit Extract
Specification: 50% fulivic acid
Appearance: Brown yellow powder

Products Description:

 Shilajitpowder is a type of organic mineral pitch. It forms from the terrain in the Himalayas and
other mountainous regions around the world. Shilajit translates to "rock of life" in Sanskrit.

It is usually befound in a powder form varying in color from deep red to dark brown.

Shilajit is considered the root of Ayurvedic medicine, and the most powerful Shilajit powder.

Function of Shilajit powder:

1.It regulates and controls blood sugar levels and shows hypoglycemic action. 
2.It increases the permeability of cell membranes. 
3.It accelerates processes of protein and nucleic acid metabolism. 
4.It acts as free radical scavenger and reverse damage done by toxic substances. 
5.It helps to transport nutrients deep into tissue. 
6.It restores electrochemical balance and supports immune system. 
7.It promotes movement of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus and magnesium into muscle tissue and bones.

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