Ashwagandha Extract
Product Name: Ashwagandha Extract
Specification: 1.5%
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
CAS No.: 6217-54-5
Package: 1KG/Aluminium foil bag, 5 bags in a carton

Products Description:

1. anti allergy
2. anti histamine
3. antipyretic and pain relieving
4. local anaesthetic
5. anti bacteria

1. Ashwagandha root extract can treat different diseases like inflammation, arthritis, stress and anxiety, and even mental disorder
2. Ashwagandha root extract improves the white blood cell in the body in a way that it increases the phagocytosis or the process of removing dead cells.
3.enhances the results of radiation and chemotherapy
4. Ashwagandha root extract regulates the nerve signals and makes sure that it is balanced
5.a great source of energy and develops stamina by managing the process of metabolism source for antioxidants and hormonal forerunners
7.maintains necessary bodily functions
8.protects the immunity cells that are subjected to chemicals that may prevent the cells to work properly


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