Broccoli Powder
Product Name: Broccoli Powder
Appearance: Green-yellow powder
Package: 25KG net drums with PE bag liner or following customers' demands.

Products Description:

BROCCOLI EXTRACT SULFORAPHANE is an antioxidant and stimulators of natural detoxifying enzymes. Sulforaphane can reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
The antioxidant action of sulforaphane helps to fight high blood pressure.
The science has focused particularly on the compound's ability to selectively boost Phase II enzymes, enhancing the detoxification of cells. These indirect antioxidants eliminate many types of free radicals and recycle and remain active for up to three days.

Main Functions: 
1. Reducing the risk of cancer
2. Anti-prostate cancer
3. Antidiabetic and antimicrobial 
4. Anti-breast cancer
5. Antioxidant
6. Sunburn

1. Broccoli supplement
2. Dietary supplement
3. Food supplement
4. Cosmetic product

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