American Ginseng Extract
Product Name: American Ginseng Extract
Specification: 1%-80%
Appearance: Light yellow to Yellowish-white Powder
CAS No.: 22427-39-0
Package: Food bag and aluminum foil bag or double-layer plastic bag inside, carton drum outside

Products Description:

American Ginseng extract  Brief Introduction:

American ginseng(panax quinquefolius) is a herbaceous perennial plant in the ivy family, commonly used as Chinese or herbal medicine. An extract is sold as Cold-fX. It is native to eastern North America, though it is also cultivated in places such as China. The plant's forked root and leaves were traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Native Americans. Since the 18th century, the roots have been collected by "sang hunters" and sold to Chinese or Hong Kong traders, who often pay very high prices for particularly old wild roots. It is also known by its Chinese name huaqishen or xiyangshen.

American Ginseng Chemical Components:

Like Panax ginseng, American ginseng contains dammarane-type ginsenosides, or saponins, as the major biologically active constituents. Dammarane-type ginsenosides include two classifications: 20(S)-protopanaxadiol (PPD) and 20(S)-protopanaxatriol (PPT). American ginseng contains high levels of Rb1, Rd (PPD classification), and Re (PPT classification) ginsenosides—higher than that of P. ginseng in one study.

American Ginseng extract Functions:

1. Stimulate the appetite
2. Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
3. Treat depression
4. Combat stress and fatigue
5. Stimulate the central nervous system
6. Treat insomnia
7. Improve cardiovascular activity
8. Improve memory and concentration
9. Dissolve tumors
10. Raise good cholesterol (HDL)
11. Lower bad cholesterol
12. Increases estrogen levels in women and relieve the symptoms of menopause
13. Benefits the endocrine system, such as the adrenals and pituitary gland
14. Regulate blood sugar levels
15. Control type 2 diabetes

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