Cytidine diphosphate-choline
Product Name: Cytidine diphosphate-choline
Specification: >99%
Appearance: White powder or crystal
CAS No.: 987-78-0
Package: 1kg(custom packaging available)

Products Description:

Benefits of CDP-Choline:   

Support memory

In the hippocampi of rats with included Alzheimer’s Disease,citicoline counteracts neuronal degeneration and reduces the number of apoptotic cells present.Citicoline supplementation also improves memory retention.  

Attention and Preventing Cognitive Decline:
Citicoline adjuvant therapy can delay the rate of cognitive decline in patients with PD-MCI,reduce its plasma PLs content,and has neuroprotective effect.

 Citicoline improves visual function in patients with glaucoma and ambiyopia;

Cerebrovascular diseases,including cerebral embolism,cerebral arteriosclerosis,cerebral hemorrhage,infarct dementia;

Head trauma and coma after brain surgery;

Japanese Encephalitis;

Alcoholism,encephalopathy after carbon monoxide poisoning;

Sporadic encephalitis;

Tardive dyskinesia,cerebellum and spinal cord supply imbalance;

Deafness and inner ear dysfunction;

Ilntractable vomiting;
I Pancreatitis;

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