Product Name: S-adenosyl-L-methionine(SAMe)
Specification: 99%
Appearance: White Hygroscopic Powder
CAS No.: 29908-03-0
Package: Aluminum Foil bags, store in cool, dry place 5℃ or below

Products Description:


What is SAMe?

SAMe (known as S-adenosylmethionine) is not an herb or a hormone. It’s a molecule that all living cells, including our own, produce constantly. To understand SAMe you first need to understand methylation and the importance of this process. Methylation is a simple transaction in which one molecule donates a methyl group (four-atom appendage) to a neighboring molecule within our body. SAMe’s methyl group is composed of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms.

These transactions have far-reaching effects that affect everything from fetal development to brain function. It regulates the expression of genes, preserves fatty membranes that insulate our cells, and helps regulate various hormones including serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and adrenaline. Without SAMe there would be no methylation.


SAMe is a substance produced by our own body. With age SAMe levels decline, and the older we get the more drastically SAMe levels decline. Once SAMe levels start to diminish, difficulties start to arise. These difficulties can be remedied by SAMe supplements that are a stable, synthetic replication of the compound. It is neither a drug, herb, vitamin or hormone, but a highly reactive molecule or key cellular nutrient with almost no side effects.

After all, one is merely supplementing what is already available in every cell. Since its discovery in 1952, SAMe’s role in maintaining good health has become more widespread, and today it is rated among the top-selling dietary supplements.

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