Bilberry Extract
Product Name: Bilberry Extract
Latin Name: Vaccinium Myrtillus
Specification: Anthocyanidins 25%
Appearance: Purplish Powder
CAS No.: 84082-34-8
Package: For minimal order: 1KG/Aluminium foil bag, 5 bags in a carton . For large quantity: 25KG/Fiber Drum in net weight; 28KG/Fiber Drum in gross weight (Can be customized)

Products Description:


  The effectiveness of the fruit extracts was linked to a group of compounds called "anthocyanosides." These compounds are derivatives of anthocyans - the pigments responsible for the red, blue or violet colors in flowers and fruits. The majority of studies on bilberry have involved extracts purified to contain from 25 to 36 percent anthocyanosides. At least fifteen different anthocyanoside compounds have been identified in bilberry extracts. Most standardized bilberry extracts available as dietary supplements on the American market contain 25 percent anthocyanosides.



1)It is effective in the treatment of circulation disorders, varicose veins and other venous and arterial problems.

2)Bilberry has also been promising in dealing with vision disorders, helping with eye strain and visual acuity, retinal disturbances, day and night blindness, myopia, pigmentary retinitis and diabetic induced cataracts.



Often associated with improvement of , bilberries are mentioned in a popular story of pilots consuming bilberry jam to sharpen vision for night missions. However, a recent study by the found no such effect and origins of the RAF story cannot be found. 

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