Creatine HCl
Product Name: Creatine HCl
Appearance: White crystalline powder
CAS No.: 17050-09-8
Package: For minimal order: 1KG/Aluminium foil bag, 5 bags in a carton . For large quantity: 25KG/Fiber Drum in net weight; 28KG/Fiber Drum in gross weight (Can be customized)

Products Description:

Why creatine hcl is the best form of creatine?
There are many different kinds of creatine in the market, monohydrate, malate, ethyl ester, phosphate, citrate, anhydrous, tartrate, glutamine-taurine, pyruvate, Kre-Alkalyn, HMB, titrate, magnesium creatine and HCL. HCL stands for hydrochloride so this is creatine hydrochloride. It is the newest entrant in the creatine supplement market.
Why creatine HCL is supposed to be better
Creatine HCL is reportedly better than other forms of creatine due to various reasons. Creatine HCL:
•Is 59 times more absorbable than creatine monohydrate
•Is more effective than other creatine forms
•Has to be taken in minute quantities
•Does not need to be cycled
•No loading phased needed
•Is cheaper
•Results in no water gain
•May not build up waste in the kidneys
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