Product Name: Chitosan
Specification: 70%-95%
Appearance: White or light yellow powder
CAS No.: 9012-76-4
Package: For minimal order: 1KG/Aluminium foil bag, 5 bags in a carton . For large quantity: 25KG/Fiber Drum in net weight; 28KG/Fiber Drum in gross weight (Can be customized)

Products Description:

It is extracted from chitin, insoluble in water but soluble in dilute acid and absorbed by human body. As the first derivate, it's chemical constitution is macromolecule alkalescent polysaccharide polymer with cation. It has peculiar physical, chemical properties and bioactive function.
Chitosan (Industrial Grade , Food grade , Pharmaceutical grade, High density)
According to your demands, we can offer you special Chitosan (20000-300000 of Molecular weight) and Chitosan oligosaccharide (1000-10000 of Molecular weight) Chitosan (20000-300000) and Chitosan oligosaccharide (1000-10000). High pure Chitosan with 95% Deacetylated Degree is available too. We also can offer you other specification according to your demands.

It can mostly be applied in the following industries: textile , dyeing and printing, leather, tobacco, plastics, food additive, fodder, pharmaceutics, color film, paper manufacturing, biological engineering, agriculture protecting and dispose waste water etc, or widely used in health food and food additives. Storage: Kept in dry, clean and ventilating place, load gently, avoid rain. Do not mix with toxic and polluted matter
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