Pomegranate Hull Extract
Product Name: Pomegranate Hull Extract
Latin Name: Punica granatum L.
Specification: 40% Ellagic Acid; Polyphenols 60%
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
CAS No.: 476-66-4
Package: For minimal order: 1KG/Aluminium foil bag, 5 bags in a carton . For large quantity: 25KG/Fiber Drum in net weight; 28KG/Fiber Drum in gross weight (Can be customized)

Products Description:

The Punica granatum leaves are opposite or sub-opposite, glossy, narrow oblong, entire, 3–7 cm long and 2 cm broad. The flowers are bright red, 3 cm in diameter, with four to five petals (often more on cultivated plants). Some fruitless varieties are grown for the flowers alone. The edible fruit is a berry and is between a lemon and a grapefruit in size, 5–12 cm in diameter with a rounded hexagonal shape, and has thick reddish skin and around 600 seeds Each seed has a surrounding water-laden pulp—the edible aril —ranging in color from white to deep red or purple. The seeds are embedded in a white, spongy, astringent  pulp.

The main funtion:

Ellagic acid is extracted from a megranate skin polyphenolic compounds, have strong anti-oxidation, can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, cosmetics and other fields.
(1) In medicine, the field of health care products are made of capsules, mainly used for anti-cancer, blood pressure, anti-oxidation.
(2) in the food area, the main antioxidants used in food.
(3) In the field of cosmetics with whitening, freckle,, delay skin aging, such as effectiveness.
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