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Accobio has attended the Institute of Food Technologists successfully
〖 07/04,2017 | Hits 1705 〗
   The annual IFT exhibition was held in Chicago,USA,where the general manager Du of the company took part. The exhibition has a long history and is the largest and most prestigious exhibition of food additives,food ingredients and technology in the United States.The IFT exhibition mainly covers north American markets,followed by South America and then the world.During the exhibition,the general manager Du met the old customers and further deepened the cooperation by sharing information and discussing the situation.At the same time,Du also collected more than 100 business CARDS of clients from the United States,Europe,Japan and other countries.The products discussed are related to protein,sweeteners,organic products and so on.
   Through this exhibition,we have achieved our goal:to understand the market dynamic , maintain mature customers and develop new customers;to enhance the corporate image and reputation,and lay the foundation for the company to further maintain and expand the American market.

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