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Why Sweet Annie could help Cheryl Cole!
〖 03/28,2013 | Hits 2507 〗
Cheryl Cole was infected by malaria

The herb Sweet Annie(Artemisia annua) is used to treat malaria, recently contracted by the X-factor star

Malaria is still the biggest killer in the world. It is caused by a protozoan parasitic infection, carried by mosquitoes and the popstar Cheryl Cole has brought it to Britain's attention by contracting it while on holiday in Tanzania.

Malaria has always been very hard to treat so action against it has focused on prevention, especially for travellers to Malaria- hotspots. Prophylactics come in the form of tablets which usually have to be taken for months before travelling and continued once back home.  These tablets can have horrendous side effects, so much so that people often stop taking them.

Added to this, the parasites responsible for Malaria are becoming resistant to  anti-malarial medication.  As a result there is great excitement when there are medical breakthroughs in the treatment of the disease itself.

One such breakthrough is the discovery that the herb Artemisia annua contains chemicals that are extremely effective in the treatment of malaria. This plant has been used for thousands of years to treat fevers as well as get rid of worms and parasites and improve digestive health . As a result it is often prescribed by medical herbalists treating gastric and bowel problems as well as other symptoms which can be related to intestinal infections.

You may know Artemisia annua as Sweet Wormwood or Annual Wormwood. It grows wild throughout Britain and is cultivated in gardens for its feathery leaves, similar to its sister Artemisia absinthium ( Wormwood).

Interestingly, this highly potent plant is now the subject of research into the latest cancer medicines. Experiments have shown it has anti-tumour activity as well as the ability to kill off developing cancer cells. It's another example of the plant world providing valuable medicine for us humans.

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